Catch and release £15 for 1/2 Day ticket ( approx 5 hours) or 2 Fish for £15 then Catch and Release maximum 9 Fish Full Day ticket (8 hours) 3 Fish for £20 then Catch and Release maximum 9 Fish, Boat or Bank, Best Value Fishing, Use your motors if you wish.

The Goldenloch Fishery. Berryhill Farm, Newburgh, Fife, KY14 6HZ
email: or for bookings, Please get in touch for more details by phone either
01337840355 / 07968006367

Basically all your fishing needs can be solved, experienced, beginner, corporate groups, Youth groups, we have all equipment necessary for up to 24 people, Instructors supplied at all levels, Our main aim is that you enjoy a days fishing here with us at the Goldenloch, "Fishing is a sport for relaxation and enjoyment"